The Key of Morocco have over 10 years of experience to make visitors happy in Morocco. We provide day trips, multi-day tours, flight+tour packages, transport, accomodation, sports, golf and culture. Abdoul, from Morocco, and Daniel from Finland combined their broad knowledge from different fields of expertise to make sure your trip to Morocco will be better than excellent. Abdoul and Daniel have the Key of Morocco

Already thousands of customers have been positively surprised at our VIP-level service and completely renewed experiences, even if Morocco was a familiar travel destination. Many Western people may have false ideas about Morocco, which is a very liberal Muslim country and often felt as a travel destination a more enjoyable and variable alternative than, for example Turkey or Tunis. The western tourist is easy to be at home as the locals are friendly and the country is safe to travel. Alcohol can also be enjoyed, for example, by the swimming pool when you know the places. Morocco is like "the last European capital in Africa - a fascinating combination of Western and Arab culture and history"

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Flights + Hotel + Tour

We offer complete all-inclusive packages from Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sverige) to Marrakech (Morocco), including flights, accomodation, tours in Morocco, transport, driver, food and drinks. What are you waiting for?

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Create your own Tour Package

If our ready travel packages do not inspire you as such, we will complete the best package for you in full accordance with your wishes. Whether you like travel for days or couple of weeks we can start and finish your tailored tour where you want.

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Day Trips & City Guides

Avoid hustlers and unprofessional "tourist guides". We provide official city guiding in every Moroccan city and professionally organized day trips departing from Fez and Marrakech. We will pick you from your hotel.

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All-Inclusive Tours

All-Inclusive Tours are vip-level packages for reasonable prices, including transport, sights, food and accommodation.